The Demise of the Republican Establishment

The mainstream media, big tech, and the establishment political parties are spending the day today expressing their outrage against President Trump for continuing to attack the 2020 election fraud and encouraging his supporters to demonstrate at the capitol yesterday. While such anger is a popular and entirely predictable preoccupation for these groups, it really has nothing to do with holding the President accountable for dangerous rhetoric.

That stentorious wrath is actually all about two things: pure and unadulterated vengeance against President Trump for managing to disrupt the political establishment for four years; and the effort to damage him for the future. Why an effort to damage him for the future? Because Democrat and Republican establishments alike realize that the President is the single most formidable candidate for the 2024 elections, and anything they can do now to remove him from the scene is to their political advantage.

Amidst all of this indignation, one important fact is being missed: the frustration expressed by President Trump is not simply his alone. The establishment elites completely fail to understand this. President Trump speaks for a very large percentage of the country, and therefore, the baseless attacks proceeding against him today are also attacks upon those who support him. Among those supporters must be realistically included the 80 million or so (I am counting the votes which were fraudulently deprived from the President) citizens who voted for him (since we all know that non-citizens voted exclusively for Biden).

President Trump’s supporters feel those attacks personally, and they will not forget. The movement which President Trump shaped and brought to fruition still exists, and is energized more than ever by the unjust treatment the President is receiving today. And what is more, the members of that movement are being enlightened by the minute, as the Republican wolves in sheeps’ clothing reveal themselves. As we found throughout the President’s first term, there were many members of his administration who really did not support the program, and had to be replaced. And we have known all along that many Republicans were RINOs, not worthy of the conservative label. But what is happening now is that we are getting a clearer view than ever as to who supports the MAGA movement, and the traditional conservative values it represents, and who does not. We knew before that there were various grades of Republicans, but now we are able to clearly define a real, decisive split.

For example, Rep. Tom Cotton was someone with whom I was formerly impressed. Not so any longer. He ignored the blatant election fraud, describing attempts to counter that fraud by the President as “misleading.” The same goes for Senate leader McConnell, who could not even bring himself to support a challenge to the contested electoral results, knowing full well that such a challenge was not only Constitutional but enjoyed clear precedent in American history.

While the near term histrionics rage on in the news and on Capitol Hill, the truly significant event that occurred yesterday has nothing to do with President Trump. The event of greatest consequence that we witnessed yesterday was the beginning of the end of the Republican establishment. The members of that establishment clearly revealed themselves to be opposed to speaking the truth about the skullduggery which occurred in the election, and they will now pay the political price, for multiple reasons: they are weak, and do not have the requisite backbone to fight the Democrats; they are irrelevant – they will now be swept before the progressive Democrat tide, and their incompetence will be only too obvious; and they have forever lost the confidence of their constituents. Biden and his cohorts have everything they need to not only structurally change the country for the worse, but they will also be able to wreak considerable social and economic destruction. And on the conservative side, the blame for this will not be laid at the feet of the Democrats – after all, they will only be doing what they promised to do. No, true conservatives will hold the Republican establishment accountable for this. Successful Republican candidates in the 2022 elections will not be appeasement Republicans – they will be MAGA Republicans, much like the wave of successful first-term Republicans who almost shifted the balance of power in the Congress in 2020.

Thus now begins a period of momentous transformation in the political landscape. The tectonic plates are shifting. It is anyone’s guess as to how the political parties will be reshaped. The Democrats are about to embark on a course of action which promises aggravated turmoil and upheaval, while the Republicans are clearly sliding rapidly into the abyss. Time will tell whether the new generation of conservative Republicans will have what it takes to really fight, or whether they will be just another disappointing iteration of the current generation of, as President Trump would say, “losers.”