Presidential Covid-19: Metaphor for the Trump Presidency

The President’s Corona virus infection has emphatically demonstrated that Americans need not fear this virus. Despite the risk, the President remained fully engaged with the business of government and his campaign. He did not go into hiding, and did not attempt to do everything possible to avoid catching the virus. He did not know any better than the rest of us how dangerous the virus would be if he caught it, and by forging ahead with his job as usual, he displayed decisive and courageous leadership, reflecting character traits which are in exceedingly short supply these days in America.

So here we are, not even two weeks after the President was diagnosed with Covid-19, and he has already been back at work since a few days after that diagnosis. For those who buy in to the hysteria of the mainstream media this must surely be incomprehensible. After all, we have been hearing the drumbeat for months on end that this is a dangerous disease, which we can only survive if we are extremely cautious. We have been told that we must all wear those nasty and useless masks, [1] keep our social distance, stay home from work, school, and church, and otherwise shut down our economy and our normal daily life for some indeterminate period. And many, perhaps a majority of us, continue to believe this, despite the CDC statistics which show a Covid-19 survival rate of 99 percent for anyone age seventy and under. [2]

How strikingly different the wisdom and strength and common sense demonstrated by President Trump from the timidity and weakness and exceedingly poor judgment shown by the Democrat left and the liberal elites, who are afraid to confront even the slightest of risks.

And isn’t this contrast the perfect metaphor for the contest that has played out between the President and his opponents for the last several years? He has routinely acted with prudence and decisiveness, taking bold decisions for which the weak and the perpetually worried invariably predicted disaster. In so doing he has rolled up an impressive list of accomplishments. Among the most significant have to be included the recasting of the federal judiciary, the development of an economy so strong that even a pandemic could not crush it, peace agreements in the Middle East, significant new trade agreements, the reining in of Iran, the defeat of ISIS, energy independence, the strengthening of NATO, and last but not least, a rapid, effective, and all-encompassing effort to control the Corona virus. Wayne Grudem writing at documents a list of 30 such accomplishments. [3] What is most impressive, when stepping back and reviewing these last four years in light of the political environment in the United States, is that the President achieved these major successes in spite of unrelenting hostility from the press, the Democrats, and much of the Republican establishment, while under unjust Special Counsel investigation for years, and while suffering impeachment on frivolous grounds. It is really nothing less than astonishing.

So now Americans should listen and absorb the message this most accomplished of Presidents is trying to get through to us. While progressives revel in denigrating the President’s character, they cannot deny his optimism and fearlessness. With his forthright handling of his own virus infection, he has convincingly demonstrated in his own person that Americans need not live in fear of this virus. The shrill and incessant criticism by the mainstream media over the President’s bold action in this event cannot obscure the simple truth: the productive sectors of our society can and should return to work and school and church and and all the rest of normal life.


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